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Driving to your holiday let Prepare your dog for the drive ...


Driving with dogs in the car

driving with your dog on holiday to your holiday let

Driving with your dog(s) to your pet-friendly holiday let gives dogs and their drivers a tried and tested dog walk route within 5 miles of UK motorway junctions. Each walk has a full description of the walk, with a dog friendly pub or café on most routes, and safe off-road parking places. The site also has an interactive map of dog friendly beaches and longer dog walk places near popular holiday destinations.

Dogs much like people can get car sick or, find the journey tedious and get bored or just get uncomfortable sitting in a moving, sometimes overly warm vehicle.

Prepare your dog for the drive to your holiday destination

  • Do make sure that your dog is used to the car before going on holiday. If the dog drives you mad with a short drive to the shops, you're not going to cope with a long drive to your holiday destination. Prepare him by taking him for short drives beforehand. That way you might also find out if the dog is likely to be car sick.
  • If the dog shows signs of being car sick, a trip to the vet might be useful. The vet may be able to prescrive something to help. Don't feed your dog a large meal before a long drive.
  • Make your dog comfortable and help reduce motion sickness by restricting what he can see outside. If you can, keep the dog below window level and perhaps distract him with his favourite chewing toys.
  • Stop at regular intervals to allow your dogs (and the human occupants of the car) to stretch their legs. Make a drink of water available.
  • Ensure good ventilation in the car and a comfortable temperature by using air conditioning if the temperature rises unduly or keeping windows slightly open.
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