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Find suitable kennels for your dog when you go on holiday

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Sometimes it's just not possible to take your dog on holiday

We all hate leaving our pets behind and if we really cannot take them on holiday or leave them with a friend or relative, kennels are the only resort.

Occasionally there are situations where you book a holiday let where you cannot take your dog but have the option of leaving the dog in kennels nearby. That way you will be able to occasionally take the dog for a walk and pop in to visit. Do write to us and let us know of any dog kennels that you can personally vouch for and we will add them to the list.

There is a dog lodge, close to pet-friendly Beeson Farm Holidays in Devon, that owners can leave their dogs for a day or so, to be able to go out for the day without their dog during their cottage break and have full confidence that their dog is well cared for. This is another place to look for a list of holiday cottages that have their own kennels on-site.


You may wish to consider cottages with facilities for dogs, perhaps where dogs may be left on the premises alone whilst you go shopping or out for an evening and a few other facilities that might make your holiday more relaxing. Cottages are available with hot tubs, pets corners, toys for children, bouncy castles and a whole host of similar amenities.

List of recommended dog kennels:

Dog kennels in England

Kingsbridge Dog Kennels and Cattery in Devon - priced by the night like a dog hotel

Dog kennels in Ireland


Dog kennels in Wales


Dog kennels in Scotland




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