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Pet-friendly holiday lets in the Channel islands

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Escape for a Channel Island break in a holiday let in the Channel Islands


The main Channels Islands that people visit for holidays are Jersey, Guernsey and Sark. What attracts holidaymakers is slightly higher temperatures and earlier spring than the mainland. Most of us know about Jersey daffodils that arrive in the shops around Easter, or earlier, before the ones on the mainland are ready for flowering. It can be very nice to extend the duration of spring by catching it earlier in the Channel Islands first.

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Sark is a much smaller island than Jersey and Guernsey and appears to  be a place where time stood still. There are no cars, only horse-drawn vehicles. People go for walking holidays in its gentle climate. This sounds like a perfect holiday with a dog in tow.  Walk the coastal paths and enjoy sea views and gentle breezes. Spot sea birds and plants that do not grow on the mainland beyond Cornwall.  Anyone who likes flowers and flowering shrubs would find a visit to Sark and the other Channel Islands a treat.

coastal walks with dog on Sark

The absence of cars makes Sark an excellent cycling holiday destination. Some people like to cycle whilst their dog runs alongside.  A cycle hire shop can provide you with a bicycle and helmet. Older people may like the idea of hiring an electric bike for a little assistance in getting up hills. For some, a bicycle is only ridden on holiday when the opportunity arises.

One of the nice easy ways of viewing Sark is from the water in a boat trip. This could be kind on your legs if you are not used to too much walking. Naturally, you would probably want to get out and about to see as much of Sark as possible, the beautiful natural features such as the ‘Window in the Rock’, the palm trees but your legs and perhaps your dog’s paws may begin to ache. Sit on a boat and admire the coast of Sark from the waves.

The lovely La Seigneurie Gardens may be the number one visitor attraction in Sark but are not dog friendly. Find a mass of colour at La Seigneurie Gardens in Sark, ponds, tea shop and a curious dovecote. They sadly do not allow dogs to enter so you would need to arrange for dog-sitting if possible at your holiday accommodation.


Jersey lies much closer to the French coast and although many of the towns and areas within Jersey have French names due to its Norman past, people speak English.   It does have its own currency which is only valid on the island so that holidaymakers have to remember to spend all of their holiday money.

The attraction of Jersey is mild weather, sandy beaches and a wealth of history that dates back to the second world war, the Normans, the Romans and even further back to the iron age. Visit the Museums in St Helier for a fascinating look into the past.

a beach in Jersey

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