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Pet-friendly weekend breaks in holiday lets that welcome dogs in Great Britain and Ireland

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Dogs can also go on holiday

It is sometimes nicer to go on holiday for a long weekend than a complete week. A weekend is never long enough to allow boredom to settle in. People with dogs love dogs welcome holiday accommodation because it makes their weekend getaway simple; rent a pet-friendly place to stay not too far from home, pack bags, get the dog and away you go!


View weekend breaks - please note that the cottages and lodges shown are mixed selection, some dogs allowed and some not permitted


Good locations for pets welcome holidays

Walkers never have any hassle about deciding what they're going to do on holiday. A weekend break boils down to two long walks on a Saturday and Sunday. Throw in a couple of pub lunches and the weekend can be judged a great success, especially if the weather stays dry.

Where are good places for walks with the dog on holiday?


If you draw a circle within a two hour radius of where you live in the UK or Ireland, you will come across a collection of possible walks. Coastal paths are excellent for walks with the dog; the sea air will be good for all of you and it's usually possible to let the dog off the lead unless the path crosses farmer's fields with livestock. Some of the small obscure beaches do not have any dog restrictions so that you may be able to incorporate a paddle.

All of our national parks are ideal for dog friendly holidays. An endless number of possible trails pass through the countryside, mostly way marked. Woodland and forests are another good choice.

Scotland offers superb holidays for dog lovers. Anyone living in Scotland has unlimited acres of virtually open countryside to choose from. The treeless lonely landscapes of the Outer Hebrides or Shetland offer a remote holiday experience. Get away from it all with your dog. When the mists come in from the sea (which can happen during the summer), the land is cloaked in an ethereal strange shifting mist. Discover a wealth of wildlife; spot eagles and seals. Scotland's countryside is thick with rabbits. You may wish to keep a tight rein on your dog or it could go totally berserk with excitement and bag you more than bargained for on holiday.

Weekend breaks - all year round

  • Most self-catering cottages can be rented all year round. It would be wise to check that your accommodation has central heating that you can control if taking a weekend break from October to April.
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