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Pet friendly holiday lets at the last minute

last minute dog friendly holiday lets

When you desperately need to get away from it all, there is no better way to recharge those batteries than with a cottage break set in beautiful countryside or beside the sea. However, things do not always go to plan and when you least expect it problems can pop up from out of nowhere. There is nothing more upsetting than making arrangements for your dog to be looked and then receiving a message to say that your aunt, neighbour, sister (you fill in the blank) cannot take care of him after all. What do you do? Take him with you…it will not be difficult to find a last- minute dog friendly cottage that will welcome those furry feet “But I don’t want to bring the dog” you say. Hmm, your dog may be just what you need if you are stressed out or upset…Let’s look at how your furry friend could help to improve your stay away.

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A dog and a country break are all you need to be happy

dog coffee snuggle cottageThink about it…You know you will have a wet nose in your ear every morning but that will be your cue to rise and shine and provide your dog with that much needed visit to the outside bathroom. You will slouch downstairs with sleep still in your eyes and grapple with the keys to the back door. Then it will happen, that first rush of morning air will blow into your face, taking away all those sleepy men and suddenly you will feel wide awake. Doggie will be attending to his business whilst you deal with the important business of filling the cottage with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, then your day will begin. If the dog is not with you, you could end up staying in bed a lot longer and miss out on all that beautiful countryside.

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Making friends with the locals on holiday

When breakfast is done and dusted, you may find yourself reaching for the lead and heading to the local shops to pick up some provisions. Dogs are naturally friendly so it won’t be long before your little rascal starts to acquaint himself with the locals. This will provide the perfect opportunity for you to strike up some interesting conversations and settle in. You may have planned a few lazy days licking your emotional wounds but now that doggie has got you on your feet, you may as well head to the park. You will find a bench, settle down and reach for the phone. Then you will find yourself flicking through some upsetting texts or photos and your eyes will well up with tears. But when you look down, you will see two big brown doggie eyes staring back at you saying “throw us a stick…go on, just the one”. You will reach for a good -sized branch and lob it as far as you can, hoping it will do the trick. Then, like a bolt of lightning the branch will be returned but this time it will look a lot bigger and those brown eyes will look at you and say “try throwing this one”. Unable to resist, you will find yourself throwing something twice as large and suddenly your phone will not be as important as your doggie challenge. It will feel good being out and about, in and amongst some great countryside, engaging with nature, using your senses in a similar way to your dog as you become drawn to those sights and sounds you never stop to experience…The rustle of the leaves, the rush of the wind, the warmth of the sun upon your face…all calming, soothing, relaxing.  Then it will be time for lunch, you will head back to your cottage and prepare something tasty. As you tuck in you will realise that this truly is a break…no more having to reach for the vacuum cleaner to keep everything spic and span for there will be a little cleaner just under the dining table waiting to mop up any spills with that super absorbent tongue!

And after a day of fresh air and exercise you will prepare to unwind for the evening. However, this may prove easier said than done. You may find those upsetting thoughts, feelings and memories starting to resurface. Your heart will sink… but then you will see your dog leaping past you, high in the air chasing his tail, darting from one room to another, sliding across the laminate as though it is an ice-rink and you will break out into laughter…Yep, short breaks are supposed to be fun and there will never be any dull moments when the dog is with you! Instead of reaching for the tissues you will reach for the video camera and just roll around with him, having fun.

And then you will cozy up on the sofa with that furry body nestled in closely. You will start to stroke his head and feel the warmth that he radiates from your touch, that soothing warmth which will make you feel relaxed. Listen to his deep breaths and you will notice how calm you become. Connect with your dog and you will release a hormone called oxytocin. This lowers stress levels and makes you feel settled and serene.

When you are ready for bed, you will head upstairs and snuggle under the duvet knowing that there is a little watch dog in the cottage, a furry lookout. Those barks act as a protective mechanism to keep you safe. Your pooch has a very strong loyalty to you and he takes his duties very seriously. Those ears will always be pricked, listening out, putting your protection at the top of his list.

Now do you see the benefits of bringing the dog along with you? When you return home, I am sure you will be the first to admit that he made your last- minute decision to go away one which brought you exercise, relaxation and fun.

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Book pet-friendly holiday lets all year round

New year and Christmas breaks are popular. Even if you have left it a little late, it is possible to book a last minute pet-friendly break for New Year.

If you fancy being very generous with yourself, you may like to consider an upmarket holiday cottages? Take a look at last minute cottage gems and pick out the dog-friendly luxury cottages.


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