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Wye Valley dog-friendly self-catering breaks

Wye ValleyWhen it comes to taking holidays in the UK, those of us who live in the city know just how alluring an option a countryside break can be. There really is nothing better than getting away from the din of urban life, breathing in some fresh air, and getting back in touch with nature. But we don’t always have the means to buy luxury hotel or bed and breakfast stays, which is why cheaper (and arguably better value for money) self-catering holiday should be on your radar.  

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Pet friendly holiday lets in the Wye Valley

Self-catering holidays mean renting a cottage, barn conversion or holiday let of some kind. About half of all holiday lets permit people to bring their dogs. And one particular area of outstanding beauty that should be right at the top of your list when picking such a break is Wye Valley, in the south of England. An area of incredible natural scenery and picturesque walking routes, Wye Valley is a protected landscape that sits snugly between the England and Wales border. And it doesn’t really get much better than this anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Sometimes, though, before you can even think about acknowledging tips regarding when and where to holiday, you have to consider external factors. And one major holiday stumbling block for Brits countrywide is leaving their dog, or dogs, behind. We have all had the ‘I could do without this’ experience of trying to organise exercise and regular food for our dog – even if we’re just going away for the weekend. So it’s understandable that some dog owners avoid taking holidays altogether, which seems silly when all things are considered.

Fortunately, plenty of cottage, chalet and log cabin owners in the Wye Valley are more than happy to accommodate guests with dogs – which means there are an abundance of fantastic dog-friendly self-catering breaks available pretty much anywhere in the country.

And this is exactly why you should be considering the stunning Wye Valley area for such a break, as there is an abundance of such accommodation on offer. A self-catering break in Wye Valley will allow you to sit and eat in comfort at a time of your choosing, while also feeding and spending time with your beloved dog. (We know that food is the most important thing to just about every dog under the sun, after all!) But more importantly, it’s a great place for you and your loved ones to spend some quality time relaxing – including your dog!

The Wye Valley is an outdoor playground for people and dogs

Wye Valley really is a place for those people who love the great outdoors. The area has a plethora of walking and cycling trails, while there are also many different activities to pursue and sights to see. You can get involved with arts and crafts in the forest, for example, which is a great way to keep any little ones entertained in a healthy and productive environment. You can discover treetop adventures – perfect for small and big kids alike – or take a ride along the ground using a Segway. The more macho in tow can even try their hand at the quintessentially British clay pigeon shooting, or practice their archery skills.

The possibilities in Wye Valley are endless, and it really is a memorable place for families, couples and even lone rangers to visit. And of course, your dog is bound to have the time of its life. I mean, why wouldn’t they? You have miles of natural beauty incorporating streams and mud, hills and valleys. It really is a haven for us, and a heaven for our four-legged friends.

And despite the initial concerns most of us will have, which are understandable, taking your dog on a Wye Valley self-catering break is genuinely easy – especially when you can have the entirety of a cottage or cabin to yourself. More encouraging still is that it’s not only easy; bringing your dog on holiday can be real fun and a great opportunity for bonding, while bringing a sprinkling of home to your temporary stay. So if you are seeking an affordable self-catering holiday where your dog is just as welcome as you are (and will have just as much fun), why not look into a short break in Wye Valley?

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