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Walking holidays with your dog

walking holiday with your dog

It's great to be able to take your dog on a walking holiday

Many people book pet-friendly self-catering holiday lets because they can take their dog along. You can choose a location with national parks or a rural part of Great Britain or Ireland for places that offer footpaths and trails where your dog can accompany you on at least some of your walks.

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Pet-friendly holidays tend to be in the country because that is where people with dogs want to go and has the best selection of walks. The other reason that people rent dog-friendly accommodation is because of the high costs of boarding a dog in kennels and the upset it causes pets. It often seems easier to just take the pet along with you.

Even country breaks with your dog can have their problems. It is essential to keep your dog on a lead in farming areas, one soon becomes very unpopular if a dog worries animals or other people's children. You may feel that you know and trust your dog but to strangers it is simply a dangerous beast.

The ideal dog friendly holiday is a walking holiday in the country, there man and beast can be at ease and explore miles of paths and trails through moor and woodland with pleasure. The countryside offers a feast for the senses for both man and dog, you can both enjoy being out in the fresh air, the views and scents of nature. There are plenty of dog friendly self-catering cottages to rent for country breaks,a little research on the web would soon identify a place that you would like to walk and explore. We are most fortunate in Britain to have so many footpaths and rights of way across beautiful countryside that it is a shame not to make the most of it. People in other countries are not always as fortunate.


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